Daily archives:July 7, 2010

The @EarlyBird Gets the Worm

A couple of days ago, Twitter launched @EarlyBird, a social shopping service that works with select advertisers. With it, Twitter is positioning itself as a new consumer destination for exclusive and time sensitive deals. Like Woot, Groupon and other social shopping sites, Twitter earns money by taking a portion of the sale revenue in exchange for the promotion. Despite not posting a single deal, @EarlyBird already has nearly 15,000 followers. To view the deals, all you have to do is follow the @EarlyBird account via Twitter, but you may see the deals if someone you already follow ReTweets a deal. At launch, offers will only be available to US customers, but Twitter hasn't eliminated the option to expand internationally. We expect local city deals to launch in the future as well. For[...]