A Twitter guide for Marketers

Mojave has put together this free guide to help your brand reach customers in engaging, conversational ways. We hate irrelevant interruptive advertising, and believe that brands and customers can come together through relevant, engaging conversations via social media. Feel free to pass this along, and add your thoughts to the comments below.

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@mashable: Useful: “A Twitter Guide for Marketers”
great document by @thisisMojave
@MarketingDonut: An excellent read and useful starting point
@PamsZariquiey A must-read for Twitter beginners
@chadbills tucking this one away for reference: A Twitter Guide for Marketers pdf

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  1. by Jeff Finley on May 14, 2009  4:29 pm

    I read the entire thing, and I think it's laid out quite nicely. It was mostly stuff I already knew, but a refresher at the very least. It inspired me again because I was starting to be "bad" with my twitter account, not really participating much. Thanks for the PDF!

  2. by Deb Evans on May 14, 2009  5:31 pm

    This is a wonderful guide for beginners! Simple, easy to follow and most of all complete. Thank you!

  3. by lori newton on May 14, 2009  5:54 pm

    A solid guide for those just starting to dip into the twittersphere :)

  4. by bebopdesigner on May 14, 2009  6:21 pm

    This is gold! great post. Cheers!

  5. by Vijay Rayapati on May 14, 2009  11:18 pm

    Excellent resource for those starting up on Twitter.

  6. by James Ainsworth on May 14, 2009  11:46 pm

    This is a great simple way to kickstart Twitter use in business. Great Work. Perhaps you would like to add to our discussion in relation to just how useful Twitter can be in business http://bit.ly/4XV7v

  7. by Stephan Philipson on May 15, 2009  12:41 am

    I like this information. I will put this information on my blogg and website!

  8. by Al Shaw on May 15, 2009  12:42 am

    Thanks for this resource. I like the fact that although it takes nothing for granted and starts with the absolute basics, its also educates way beyond that and into the change of thinking needed to use Twitter appropriately as a business/marketing tool.

    As is often the case, it's not so much about methods in isolation but a change in traditional ways of thinking.

    Thanks again.

  9. by jean on May 15, 2009  3:39 am

    A great beginner's guide, but please add Tweetie to desktop apps. I've used TweetDeck, Twitterific, twhirl, twitterfox, and some others I can't recall -- Tweetie blows them all out of the water.

  10. by jenn on May 15, 2009  5:43 pm

    Nice! Great resource for beginners.

  11. by Mark Hook on June 1, 2009  2:05 am

    Even though some days I have lots of useful stuff to Tweet, I try to not 'over-tweet' and start annoying people. How many tweets would you guys say is about right? I normally average about 20.

  12. by Almitra on June 10, 2009  3:48 pm

    Hi Mark, I think it really depends on the your followers and the content of your Tweet. I personally try to visualize myself as the viewer and think about whether or not I'd be annoyed. With Twitter specifically, I research to see how many RTs the topic has already generated; if the amount is high, I know that my followers have most likely been informed already, but will try to find a twist or a completely different perspective to take on the topic... either that or I move on to something else. Hope this helps!

  13. by Robertpatrick on January 5, 2010  1:32 am

    Thanks for Providing this useful information, I do have a Twitter account but i could not be able to expand my business network using Twitter, One such Resource like this i think is great!!! Now i am able to understand Twitter as to why its the best marketing Tool.

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