Creating Lovely Wireframes

A wireframe is basically the skeleton of a website, kind of like a blue print for the site that’s being built out. Wireframes are a very important part of the design process, as key page functionality and elements are sorted out in this phase of development.

Here are some nifty tools & resources worth checking out that will make your process of connecting boxes, buttons, and arrows a lot more visually pleasing and a lot less tedious to create.


A great application designed specifically for interface design. Easy to navigate, easy to customize and an overall winner. (Also has a log of great plug-ins, which I’ll get to later).

screenshot Creating Lovely Wireframes


Another cool tool that allows you to tweak designs in real time, kind of like real-life drawing, only with a mouse instead of a pencil.

bmeeting Creating Lovely Wireframes


Free tool that allows you to create, collaborate and share with anyone who has an internet connection (and they won’t have to install any additional software).

wireframe example Creating Lovely Wireframes


My absolute favorite resource for pre-made templates for Omnigraffle. Tons of stencils, icons, and miscellaneous web-dingies to pack a little more punch into your wireframe. (Below is a Facebook plug-in to help you design apps, awesome!)

 Creating Lovely Wireframes

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