Foursquare for Marketers

Location-based social media are a growing segment of participation marketing that adds an interesting way for customers to interact with brands they love. Since users are already sharing information and ‘checking in’ to places they enjoy, brands can get involved and interact with these loyal customers. More importantly, companies can actually listen to what their customers are saying and reward the most loyal for contributing.

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Customers are already using Foursquare,  but most brands are just now discovering social media. Many companies still approach it like traditional marketing, as a channel to conquer.  Not only is this counter to the spirit of social media, but it can actually backfire as the heavy-handed, centralized approach can turn off your greatest brand ambassadors.

Mojave has put together this free guide as an overview on Foursquare marketing. We hate irrelevant interruptive advertising, and believe that brands and customers can come together through relevant, engaging conversations via social media. Feel free to pass this along, and add your thoughts to the comments below.

Download the Foursquare for Marketers guide (PDF 31 Pages)*
* Completely free, but requires email.

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