Social Media Analytics Roundup: Radian 6

Radian 6
With the Radian6 listening platform, you can monitor the social web. Find your brand on millions of blog posts, viral videos, reviews in forums, sharing of photos, twitter updates.

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Scan millions of sites including blogs and comments, photos, videos, mainstream news, forums, and micromedia like Twitter and Friendfeed

Nice-looking customizable interface with reporting from entire social-sphere, that also includes web analytics. Partnered with Salesforce and build a strong CRM that is easily accessible to both agency and client.

Results are based off key words, does not offer much insight into text analysis or human language processing (sentiment).

$600 – $$$$/month depending on need

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  1. by David Alston on July 3, 2009  9:37 am

    Thanks again for reviewing Radian6. I realize that this is a quick overview but I did want to touch on a few things you mentioned.

    Results based off of keywords - to be fair the majority if not all competitors in the social media monitoring category use keywords. We also have advanced Boolean capabilities when defining keywords with AND/OR/NOT abilities to define topic profiles. I would love to better understand what you were think of when you mentioned this so please email me if you could.

    Text analysis - We've chosen a self-service model so our service itself doesn't propose conclusions. However our ability to slice and dice, drill down, and graph in real-time is often highlighted by users as one of their favorite things about our service. Again, I would love to better understand your thoughts here.

    Sentiment - indeed we have chosen to allow users to manually grade sentiment however our own unique method of automated sentiment will be available shortly so users who require this type of functionality will have access to it soon.

    On the pros, I know other reviews mentioned real-time data so I would be remiss if I didn't also comment on the fact that our users also love that our monitoring is in real-time and reporting is instant. In fact users are often surprised with how fast we can create a topic profile and start showing results - usually in a matter of minutes.

    I hope you don't mind that I touched on various points in the post. Just wanted to add to what you had covered so that readers would have more to chew on.

    And I am interested in your thoughts so feel free to email me on them.


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