Who’s Monitoring Your Social Media Metrics?

Obama activated an army of young adults.
Levi’s backfliped into millions of impressions.
Burger King sacrificed your friends on Facebook.

Social media came to forefront in 2008. The promise of social media marketing as a relatively cheap way to influence consumers and build buzz had brands talking (or tweeting).  In fact, a recent study by eMarketer shows that 41% percent of marketers plan to implement a social media campaign in 2009. TWI Surveys indicates that spending on social media and conversational marketing will outpace that of traditional marketing by 2012.  With so much potential for marketers, it seems that there are almost no downsides to social media.

Except one.

Until recently, marketers had to rely on spotty data, arbitrary numbers and gut instinct to gauge the success of these campaigns, giving them relative immunity from analysis and scrutiny. But businesses are now tapping into social media metrics to hold such campaigns accountable. Social Media Analytics interprets the high-volume, often chaotic data generated online, measuring such things as negative and positive mentions, buzz level and source authority surrounding a campaign. Results are then presented in an easily digestible dashboard format reflective of the campaign’s effectiveness.
mojave social media Whos Monitoring Your Social Media Metrics?
Detailed metrics help marketers hold social media campaigns to the same scrutiny as any other interactive campaign, providing deeper insight into how the campaign is unfolding. These metrics also help us hone in on the properties that need more creative management and provides an outline on what needs to be done.

Mojave provides detailed social medial analytics for our clients through a simple dashboard interface. This allows our clients to tap into resource and see at a glance what’s working and what’s not. For more information on how we can launch and track a social media campaign for your brand, feel free to contact us.

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