Where the Wild Things Are in Social Media

The highly anticipated movie version of a long time favorite has finally hit the big screen. In the past few weeks, fans and critics alike have been at the tips of their toes cranking up a “Wild Things” storm in social media. Mojave took a look at the conversations revolving around the new movie.

wild things mentions 500x222 Where the Wild Things Are in Social MediaLooking at mentions in the blog world, numbers began to climb as release date got closer and supplemental promotions began to sprout, like the Wild Things iPhone app, behind the scenes footage, etc.

wild things share of voice Where the Wild Things Are in Social MediaTwitter took center stage around a majority of the buzz creation and syndication. Numerous hashtags were generated by people eager to share their thoughts and experiences. One thing very notable about this particular movie and social media, is the reliance many parents had on user reviews. Moms and Dads researched appropriateness by using tools like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook; all of which were able to provide valuable insight. So how did people feel about the Wild Things?

wild things sentiment Where the Wild Things Are in Social MediaMost people felt very positive, while a few felt a bit disgruntled. Biggest issues were parents (with younger children) claiming the movie was boring, and that unlike the original book, is not meant for kids. As for us at Mojave, we’ll have to assess the situation for ourselves, perhaps this weekend?

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