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Facebook gets a facelift

Just days ahead of the F8 Developer Conference, Facebook has rolled out a handful of  design changes and new features. Here are a few highlights: Live Ticker The biggest and most-controversial change is the Live Ticker, which displays a real-time stream of your friend's latest actions. You can click on any of the stories in the feed, and quickly comment on it without leaving the page. Facebook’s goal is to increase engagement and retention on the site. However, many users are complaining about the seemingly repetitive nature of seeing a Facebook feed inside a Facebook feed. Top Stories Facebook is now using a new algorithm to dig-up content it thinks worthy of your attention. Also, Top Stories are no longer shown in chronological order – but rather in order of importance. So if you[...]

Save the Triceratops

First Pluto, now this. Two scientists from the Museum of the Rockies believe that the Triceratops is merely the juvenile form of Torosaurus. As the animal aged, its horns changed shape and orientation. Well, the designers here at Mojave weren't going to let their childhood memories go that easily. We are fighting back with our own line of t-shirts, available at CafePress. Get yours and let's take back our childhood. Oh yeah, we still call Pluto a planet, so bite us, IAU.

5 Great Uses of Facebook PlugIns

Facebook's reach continues to grow as popular web destinations open their doors (and users) to the Facebook Open Graph API. While companies like Pandora and Yelp have developed custom API integrations, other sites like BuzzFeed and Levi's are testing the waters with more simple, streamlined methods of implementation with the help of Facebook's Social Plugins. These plugins are easy to add to any site (since they're just one line of HTML) and bring sociability to every corner of the interweb. Here are a few great implementation examples of Facebook Plugins from some popular online destinations: Like Button Levi's has implemented the like button across it's entire product line on the website. Users are able to 'like' a specific product and add a comment, which then posts an upda[...]

The @EarlyBird Gets the Worm

A couple of days ago, Twitter launched @EarlyBird, a social shopping service that works with select advertisers. With it, Twitter is positioning itself as a new consumer destination for exclusive and time sensitive deals. Like Woot, Groupon and other social shopping sites, Twitter earns money by taking a portion of the sale revenue in exchange for the promotion. Despite not posting a single deal, @EarlyBird already has nearly 15,000 followers. To view the deals, all you have to do is follow the @EarlyBird account via Twitter, but you may see the deals if someone you already follow ReTweets a deal. At launch, offers will only be available to US customers, but Twitter hasn't eliminated the option to expand internationally. We expect local city deals to launch in the future as well. For[...]

Is Facebook gaining on Google for marketers?

This past April, Facebook launched its Open Graph API, which allows site owners to add a like button to any type of content on the web. According to Facebook, over one million websites have implemented versions of Facebook features like Open Graph. This ha[...]

Foursquare for Marketers

Location-based social media are a growing segment of participation marketing that adds an interesting way for customers to interact with brands they love. Since users are already sharing information and 'checking in' to places they enjoy, brands can get involv[...]

Twitter: 10 billion tweets and counting

That's a lot of Tweets! Twitter is about to hit a major milestone as it closes in on its 10,000,000,000th (Ten Billionth) tweet! It's expected to hit sometime today and to celebrate this historical social media event, we're giving away two of our fresh new t-[...]

7 Tips for Effective Marketing with Twitter

With millions of people connecting through social media, advertisers and marketers are hustling to get in on the action. In the past year we’ve seen many companies and brands attempt to step into this new world only to fail miserably. After analyzing many mark[...]