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Twitter: 10 billion tweets and counting

That's a lot of Tweets! Twitter is about to hit a major milestone as it closes in on its 10,000,000,000th (Ten Billionth) tweet! It's expected to hit sometime today and to celebrate this historical social media event, we're giving away two of our fresh new t-[...]

7 Tips for Effective Marketing with Twitter

With millions of people connecting through social media, advertisers and marketers are hustling to get in on the action. In the past year we’ve seen many companies and brands attempt to step into this new world only to fail miserably. After analyzing many mark[...]

Biggest Twitter Moments of 2009

Another year has come to pass and it would be hard ignore the fact that 2009 has been year of the Tweet. From politics to pop stars, Mojave looks at the biggest Twitter moments of the year. 1. The King of Pop dies - 30% of all Tweets at the time were in re[...]

Where the Wild Things Are in Social Media

The highly anticipated movie version of a long time favorite has finally hit the big screen. In the past few weeks, fans and critics alike have been at the tips of their toes cranking up a "Wild Things" storm in social media. Mojave took a look at the conversa[...]

Twilight vs. Harry Potter

Vampires, werewolves, wizards, & witches. Twilight and Harry Potter movies are booming in the box office, spoilers and reviews are pouring in on the Internet. But which mystical flagship has taken center stage in the blog-world? We looked to see which fant[...]

The Real Housewives: Social Media Matchup

It seems like every time I turn on the TV, grab a magazine at the grocery store, or pull up a celebrity blog "The Real Housewives" are in the headlines. If you're not familiar with the RHW, here's a quick summary: "The Real Housewives" is a reality series tha[...]

Steelers vs. Cardinals: Social Media Matchup

The Superbowl rematch is upon us tonight with the pre-season game between the Steelers vs. Cardinals. We know how they matched up at Super Bowl XLIII, and tonight we'll see how the revamped teams fare. But at Mojave, we turned our attention to another interest[...]